Cherokee Nation Preserves Historic Homes of Former Principal Chiefs

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Cherokee Nation Businesses Purchases Historical Homes of Former Principal Chiefs

The executives at Cherokee Nation Businesses recently announced a major acquisition. They’ve collected the historical residences of former Principal Chiefs J.B. Milam and Thomas Buffington. The mission behind this move is to preserve and honour the illustrious Cherokee history.

The Milam House

The dwelling of J.B. Milam, former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, is an impressive 3,730 squre-foot structure located in Claremore. The house not only served as his living quarters but was also the place from which he discharged his official duties. Milam was a seminal figure in Cherokee history, bolstering the Nation through initiatives aimed at enhancing tribal membership, preserving the native language, and significantly improving infrastructure.

The Buffington House

The other significant acquisition made by Cherokee Nation Businesses is the 2,800 square-foot residence of Thomas Buffington, located in Vinita. Buffington, another notable figure in Cherokee history, wore many hats: he was a successful businessman who had vested interests in ranching and oil, and he served twice as the principal chief of the tribe. This acquisition came to fruition thanks to a culture-focused vision of January Hoskin, the First Lady of the Cherokee Nation.

Preservation and Representation

These historic acquisitions shouldn’t merely be seen as Cherokee Nation Businesses expanding their investment portfolio. They are significant cultural preservation steps. The Milam house was established in 1941 near Rogers State University in Claremore and was the epicenter of important moments in Cherokee history. This is where negotiations took place at a time when tribal sovereignty faced threats from the U.S. Government. Milam was honoured by being chosen as the principal chief by two U.S. Presidents. He worked tirelessly to mould and develop the modern Cherokee Nation that stands tall today.

Buffington’s house, constructed in 1902 in Vinita, was where he resided until his death in 1938. The impressive two-time Principal Chief also made significant contributions while serving as the Cherokee delegate to Washington during the crucial Curtis Act negotiations.

Future Plans

Having been acquired by Cherokee Nation Businesses, the houses of these two former chiefs will be meticulously maintained and preserved. The ultimate aim is to enable the sharing of their lives and storied legacies with a wider audience, further enriching the cultural history of the Cherokee Nation. These homes will stand as testament to the resilience, versatility, and enduring spirit of the Cherokee people.

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