GMG Launches EmpowHer Initiative, Appoints Razan Akrouk as Chief People Officer on International Women’s Day

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GMG Pioneers Gender Inclusivity with ‘EmpowHer’ Initiative

GMG Launches ‘EmpowHer’: A Beacon of Empowerment for Women on International Women’s Day

In a significant stride towards gender diversity and inclusion, GMG, a leading multinational corporation, has unveiled a pioneering initiative titled ‘EmpowHer’. This announcement arrived aptly on International Women’s Day, cementing GMG’s reputation as a progressive organization committed to the welfare of its employees. The launch of EmpowHer signifies GMG’s robust commitment towards fostering an inclusive environment and celebrates the company’s endeavors across the board in sectors like sports, daily commodities, health, beauty, property, and logistics.

‘EmpowHer’: Building a Comprehensive Support Framework for Women

The EmpowHer initiative represents a landmark move in helping women reach their full potential by opening up new avenues for career growth, leadership skills development, mentoring schemes, equitable remuneration, and cultivating an inclusive workplace ambiance. In our source, it is affirmed that the program’s primary objective is to inspire women, innovate, and enhance the company’s collective efficiency by amplifying gender diversity and equality.

Razan Akrouk: Leading People-Centric Transformation as Chief People Officer

Furthermore, GMG has demonstrated its commitment to diversity through its administrative appointments. The corporation has announced a significant shift, appointing Razan Akrouk as the Chief People Officer. In her new role, Akrouk is expected to oversee the Brand, Culture & Sustainability divisions, underlining the significance of a unifying organizational culture that appreciates diversity for gaining worldwide footing. Her role marks another stride in GMG’s progress towards building an inclusive work environment.

GMG’s Vow to Equal Opportunities: More than Just a Promise

GMG has a rich history of fostering an equitable workplace. This commitment is evident not only in its latest launch of ‘EmpowHer’ but also in its recent expansion into the food retail arena. The company’s ‘farm-to-fork’ vision indicates its strong focus on sustainability, marking its growth in the UAE’s retail and property market.

Farm-To-Fork: GMG’s Commitment to Sustainable Expansion

The script of GMG’s success story also includes its strategic acquisitions and expansion in the food retail sector. This expansion underlines its dedication towards adopting a sustainable ‘farm-to-fork’ model, thereby fortifying its stature as an impactful player in UAE’s bustling retail and property arena.


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