NeoSpectra Partners with Eurofins QTA to Transform Food Industry On-Site Analysis

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In a groundbreaking move that has the potential to revolutionize the food industry, NeoSpectra, a pioneer in handheld analytical Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy solutions, has partnered with Eurofins Quality Trait Analysis (QTA), a leading company in the field of NIR solutions for the food industry. The aim of this collaboration is to enhance on-site analysis solutions across the food supply chain by combining Eurofins QTA’s expertise in method development, validation services, and custom NIR solutions with NeoSpectra’s innovative handheld NIR spectrometer and cloud-based LabLake portal.

A Remarkable Collaboration for Advanced On-site Analysis Solutions

The partnership between NeoSpectra and Eurofins QTA seeks to create tailored turn-key on-site analysis solutions that can provide instant quality and safety assessments for various food items, including meats, grains, nuts, oils, and spices. These solutions aim to empower all stakeholders in the food supply chain by providing crucial insights into the quality and safety parameters of diverse food items.

Integration of Eurofins’ NIR Calibration Models into NeoSpectra LabStore

As part of this collaboration, Eurofins’ NIR calibration models will be integrated into the NeoSpectra LabStore. This integration will enable LabLake users to have centralized control over field data, facilitating efficient decision-making for food organizations. The partnership between the two companies is expected to facilitate accurate and cost-effective lab-level testing on-site, ultimately expediting decision-making processes in the supply chain.

Expected Benefits for the Food Industry

This strategic alliance between NeoSpectra and Eurofins QTA holds immense potential to significantly transform the food industry. Food enterprises, factories, and retailers can anticipate substantial returns on investment, streamlined testing processes, reduced operational costs, and improved efficiencies. Additionally, the partnership is expected to help prevent costly quality mistakes, leading to significant savings and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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