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Tangle Teezer: British Hairbrush Company Contemplates Sale and other Strategic Options

Renowned British company Tangle Teezer, best known for its revolutionary hairbrushes, is currently performing a comprehensive review of its future strategy. Such scrutiny, managed by financial advisory professionals, may result in substantial changes for the firm, including possible sale, potential collaborations, or a complete overhaul of its operational structure. This decision underscores the company’s commitment to strengthening its market position and further maximizing its brand value.

Origin of an Innovative Journey

Tangle Teezer, the brainchild of Shaun Pulfrey, emerged in 2007 with the unique concept of hair care through innovative hairbrushes. The uniqueness of its product design facilitates the detangling of hair without inflicting any damage, carving an exclusive niche for the company in the hair care sector. This innovative approach has been responsible for the company’s impressive growth and global reach, with its products now available in more than 70 countries.

From “Dragon’s Den” Rejection to World Acclaim

The company’s rise to fame took a significant leap when Pulfrey presented his venture on the acclaimed TV show ‘Dragon’s Den’. Even though it did not secure any investment during the episode, it provided the company with an extensive audience base. Since then, the company has received many accolades for its trailblazing products. Today, Tangle Teezer is the proud owner of over 60 patents for brushes worldwide.

Deliberations on Future Strategy

The company’s consultation with financial advisors from Mayfair Equity Partners and Harris Williams indicates a willingness to make changes to its current business operations. The specific range of options is yet to be announced. However, this decision marks a crucial juncture in Tangle Teezer’s journey. The company is open to consider all possibilities, including new investments, forming alliances, or even transitioning to new ownership. An upward trend in sales, especially from the U.S., signifies that this strategic evaluation could be a stepping stone to achieve further growth globally.

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