“Molly Manning Walker’s ‘How To Have Sex’ Ignites Worldwide Talks on Consent”

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Rising British Filmmaker, Molly Manning Walker, Earns Global Praise for Her Debut, “How To Have Sex”

Renowned British filmmaker Molly Manning Walker recently earned acclaim across the globe with her BAFTA-recognised opening act, “How To Have Sex”. This explosive exploration of the darker aspects of youth and their sexual experiences, set against the backdrop of a summer getaway in Malia, Greece, has fetched Walker two BAFTA nominations. Our sources report, the film has initiated much-needed dialogues about consent, illustrating societal influences that shape the sexual encounters of youngsters.

A Journey Initiating Vital Discussions

Walker’s debut, “How To Have Sex” clinched the first prize in the Un Certain Regard competition in Cannes and has been subsequently incorporated as a conversational medium about consent in the UK’s educational sphere. The narrative gravitates around 16-year-old Tara experiencing her first sexual encounters filled with coercion and violation. The film has been applauded for its unapologetic portrayal, striking a chord with viewers across cultural and geographical boundaries.

Walker’s Perception and the Significance of Consent

The filmmaker’s approach breaks away from the conventional understanding of consent and underscores the importance of empathy and mutual checks. Our source tells us that the film received kudos for its thought-stirring presentation of the pressures youngsters grapple with, highlighting the imperative of acknowledging and respecting limits.

Ensuring the Cast’s Welfare: Deploying Intimacy Coordinators

Considering the sensitive subject matter of Walker’s film, specific measures were put in place to safeguard the comfort of the actors. Intimacy coordinators were engaged to ensure a protected and respectful working environment during intimate scenes. This move complements the very essence of the film, reinforcing the importance of consent and respect in every situation.

As “How To Have Sex” readies for its US debut on February 2nd, viewers get ready to receive a cinematic piece that would not only delight but also enlighten and instigate crucial discussions about the experiences of contemporary young folks and the concept of consent.


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