MoistGo Auto Clean Honors Big Beginnings in Middleburg Heights, Ohio with Balloon-Bursting Event

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WetGo Car Wash Celebrates its latest Ohio Branch Opening

On January 25, 2024, WetGo Car Wash unveiled its newest location at Middleburg Heights, Ohio with an extravagant grand opening celebration. The launch symbolized a fresh start and steadfast resolve with a freshly cleaned car breaking through a barrier of white balloons. This significant event is another achievement in the WetGo Car Wash story.

Launch Details

Over the ceremonial event, attendees enjoyed free car washes as rhythmic tunes from a live DJ filled the air. Additionally, WetGo held a special raffle offering as an appreciative gesture for the attendees, featuring Cleveland Cavaliers tickets. It was a way of acknowledging the local community’s profound enthusiasm for basketball. The celebration extended until January 29, making the event an entire weekend dedicated to celebrating and appreciating customers’ continued patronage.

Appreciating the Crew

Acknowledging the people that make the WetGo brand successful, Austin Colon, the leader for the Middleburg Heights branch, emphasized the role of both community engagement and superior customer service. “It’s the people that set us apart”, declared Colon. He applauded his staff as the defining factor of the new branch, asserting that while advanced facility equipment and excellent service quality are important, it’s the team’s loyalty and dedication that genuinely differentiates them.

Dedicated to Excellence

WetGo’s persistent commitment to improvement was also highlighted during the branch opening. This commitment is not exclusive to service standards, but encompasses improving the customer experience continually. It’s this unwavering commitment to offering the utmost in service that has led to the establishment of the 46th WetGo Car Wash location in the Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania region, under the Giant Eagle’s broad umbrella.

The Middleburg Heights facility, like the other locations, will run from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, ensuring consistent, quality service for the community. Progressively, WetGo Car Wash continues to establish itself as a leader in the car wash industry, all thanks to its continued focus on service quality, customer experience improvements, and dedication to the communities it serves.

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