Mindy Kaling’s forthcoming Netflix funny casts Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson Takes the Lead In Mindy Kaling’s Upcoming Netflix Comedy

News comes directly from the source of Reader Wall that Kate Hudson, the renowned actress, is set to star in Mindy Kaling’s new comedic series on Netflix, which takes place within the administrative office of a professional basketball organization.

Details of the Series

As indicated by Reader Wall, Netflix has granted a 10-episode order for the comedy series. Hudson is cast as Isla Gordon. Following a scandal that leads her brother to step down, Isla finds herself stepping into the position of President of the Los Angeles Waves, one of the most famed professional basketball teams and also their family business.

Despite her ambition often being overlooked, Isla now embarks on a mission to prove not only to her doubtful brothers but also to the board of directors and the larger sports community that she is indeed the right choice. The storyline focuses on her journey in the unpredictable, often male-dominated world of sports.

Hudson’s Recent Work and Production Information

Of late, Hudson’s acting prowess was showcased in the second season of Apple TV+’s drama series titled ‘Truth Be Told’. Kaling is at the helm of the upcoming Netflix series, assuming the roles of co-writer and executive producer, with David Stassen as the showrunner. The series will be brought to life by Warner Bros. Television.

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