Michael Cornaire Celebrated with Robert H. Demere, Jr. Skyward Falcon Reward by Colonial Assembly

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Michael Cornaire Receives Esteemed Recognition From Colonial Group

In a significant event sourced from Reader Wall, Michael Cornaire was recently acknowledged with the Robert H. Demere, Jr. Soaring Eagle Award by Colonial Group. This Savannah-based, family-led conglomerate specializes in energy and port-related sectors. The honor was announced at the company’s yearly function, taking place at the majestic Marriott Savannah Riverfront on January 20. This sought-after award pays homage to the extraordinary efforts of its namesake, Robert H. Demere, Jr, occupying the post of company’s President and CEO from 1986 to 2021.

Award Reflects Colonel Group’s Core Principles

The Soaring Eagle Award is associated with those individuals who truly embody the Colonel Group’s fundamental tenets of service, integrity, entrepreneurship, and family. It was initially presented in 2021 as part of the centennial celebrations of the Colonial Group. The process of nomination and voting for the award is a combined effort, involving the company’s numerous devoted employees.

The Ascent of Cornaire in Colonial Group

Michael Cornaire started his tenure at Colonial Terminals as a mere utility operator in 2008. His dedication and steadfastness have seen him climb the corporate ladder over the years. Currently, he holds the important role of director of marine operations for Colonial Oil Industries. His unwavering commitment, substantial impact, and his embodiment of the company’s values have rightfully earned him this tribute.

Implications of the Award and Company Vision

Along with the recognition, the award includes a $7,500 bonus and an extra week of vacation. This is a tradition upheld every year by Colonial Group, classed amongst America’s largest privately held firms. This conglomerate, including its various subsidiary companies, is based out of Savannah, Georgia. It remains steadfast in its mission of acknowledging and rewarding its exceptional employees.

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