Melsop Farm Park Unveils Post Eight-Month Shutdown: A Chance to Reacquaint with Uncommon Species

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Melsop Farm Park Prepares for Reopening After Eight-Month Closure

In Scoulton near Watton lies Melsop Farm Park, an exclusive haven for distinctive wildlife. After an agonizing eight-month break due to an unfortunate licensing disagreement with the Breckland Council, the beloved farm park eagerly awaits to reopen its doors to the public. This issue first sprouted in 2021 and progressively escalated.

The Height of the Dissension and Subsequent Closure

The peak of the conflict emerged in the summer of 2022, when a glitch in a new exhibition application resulted in the farm park losing out on its primary season earnings. This predicament ultimately forced the park to shutdown in September, spawning dismay and worry amongst the local community and enthusiasts of rare breeds.

Exquisite Asset of the County

Melsop Farm Park is beyond a traditional animal park. It’s recognized as one of the prestigious 26 attractions across the county that is approved by the authoritative body, The Rare Breeds Survival Trust. The park takes pride in featuring exotic collections of scarce animal breeds, such as sheep, cattle, pigs, and goats, that enchant a broad gamut of visitors from curious kids to fervent animal conservationists.

Ambitious Road Ahead Despite Setbacks

Jordan Stone, co-owner of the park, expressed a heartfelt appreciation for the unfaltering support the local community rendered during the tough phase of the park’s closure. He stressed the critical importance of this support to persist in the forthcoming months to aid the business to rebound from its blip. In spite of multiple obstacles encountered, such as the welfare of the animals and job security of the staff, Stone is optimistic about the park’s upcoming phase. Envisioning a bold plan for 2024, he aims to recoup from the delays, and further boost the allure of Melsop Farm Park for its visitors.

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