‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ Newest Character Might Evade She-Ra’s Rights Problems

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Meet Despara: The New Entrant to Netflix’s ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’

In the recent season finale of ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’, our sources unveiled a new character – Despara, a revelation that came as a mid-credits scene. This move has left fans captivated as the ties between Despara and the He-Man universe, including She-Ra, are woven intricately. What may be more interesting is the use of Despara to work around the rights issues that have always been accompanied by She-Ra’s character, as Despara made her first appearance in a 2012 comic series.

Linking Despara to the He-Man Universe

A harsh and ruthless version of Adora, Despara was brought up by Hordak in the unnerving dimension of Despondos, something fans of the original series would know. Linked with characters like Hordak, Horde Prime, and He-Man, Despara’s introduction could unfold plentiful narrative opportunities. Unlike many other characters developed for the She-Ra series by Filmation, Despara was first featured in the comics. This distinct detail may allow her to bypass the usual entangled rights issues that have been linked with She-Ra’s character.

The Intricate Web of the Mid-Credits Scene and Rights Issues

The mid-credits scene managed to subtly drop the name of the Cosmic Enforcers while also alluding to Horde Prime, a character originating from the She-Ra series. Since the comic book rights to these characters may not be included, this further complicates the situation with rights. The clever integration of Despara, however, could be a creative workaround for these challenges. Rights associated with He-Man and She-Ra are notoriously intricate, given their development by Filmation The company’s library has undergone numerous ownership changes and is presently owned by NBC Universal.

Will ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ Return for Another Season?

As of now, an official announcement for a second season of ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ remains awaited. However, connoisseurs can make an educated guess with the introduction of Despara, alluding to the potential inclusion of Adora’s version in future episodes. This clever move could provide an innovative solution to the legal conundrums preventing She-Ra’s appearance. Produced by Mattel Television in partnership with Powerhouse Animation, ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ serves as the fitting sequel to the universally loved ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ series.

  • Despara’s introduction opens up a realm of narrative possibilities.
  • The character cleverly circumvents legal troubles tied to rights issues.
  • Despite no official announcement, signs hint at a second season.

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