MarketingPulse and eTailingPulse 2024: Uniting Marketing Mavericks and E-commerce Experts in Hong Kong

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Upcoming MarketingPulse and eTailingPulse Conferences in March

The Reader Wall news Website’s sources disclose that the 2024 MarketingPulse and eTailingPulse conferences in Hong Kong, hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), are set to be a major event in the marketing, retail, branding, and e-commerce sectors.

Conference Details

On the 13th of March 2024, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre will host an expected 70 sector experts who will discuss topics such as AI in marketing, K-pop’s impact on advertising, sustainability, sensory marketing, and how to target demographic groups such as Gen Alpha and the silver market.

Prominent Speakers

Pioneers in the industry, such as Zack Kass, an AI Futurist and former Head of Go To Market at a prominent AI development company, and Jungsuk Jay Lee of NAVER Z Corp, will be presenting at the conferences. They will be sharing their perspective on the latest AI marketing trends and the contribution of K-pop to marketing and technology.

Main Topics to Discuss

  • Fostering youth engagement in Mainland China through innovative branding strategies
  • The significance of omni-channel strategies for luxury brands
  • The role of sustainability in motivating consumer engagement

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

In addition to engrossing panel discussions, the event will also present abundant networking and collaboration opportunities. These include digital marketing and e-commerce workshops, along with one-on-one business matching sessions.


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