Mal Nicol Hints Love Island Comeback: Fans Await Affair with Anton Danyluk

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Love Island’s Mal Nicol Fuels Return Rumours

Teasing a Possible Comeback

Fans of Love Island have been abuzz due to a surprising development involving former contestant Mal Nicol. The popular comedian, renowned for her entertaining, albeit brief, period on the show last season, has sparked intrigue across the internet as she hints at a potential return to the beloved series. This speculation arises from an Instagram video where Mal used the popular ‘of course’ trend to incite dialogue amongst her base.

Fan Anticipation of Mal’s Comeback

The video features Mal announcing, “I’m Mal and of course, I’m going on…” without providing viewers with a concrete affirmation of her plans. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from expressing excitement at the possibility of welcoming the 26-year-old back on the show. Part of this anticipation is stirred by Mal’s past interaction with co-star Anton Danyluk.

Anton Danyluk’s Love Drought

Anton, who we first met on Love Island in 2019, is notoriously ‘unlucky in love’. Despite relationships with Belle Hassan and a recent fling with Dom Blunska, Anton is yet to find lasting love. His recent romantic misfortunes, including Georgia Harrison’s disinterest in him on the series, further emphasizes his unfortunate streak.

The All-Star Version: Hope for a Love Affair?

With the tease of Mal’s return to the show, fans have started to rally for her and Anton to rekindle their chemistry on the upcoming All-Star version of Love Island. The thought of a possible romance between the pair has left her followers eagerly waiting to find out if she will indeed grace the series with her presence once again.


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