MacArtney to Provide Specific Tensioner Setups to Jan de Nul’s Vessels

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MacArtney Scores Major Contract With Maritime Heavyweight Jan de Nul

Major win for MacArtney offshore wind solutions

Our network has exclusively confirmed that MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions has secured a pivotal contract with maritime construction behemoth, Jan de Nul. With this contract, MacArtney will now bear the responsibility to design and manufacture specialized CEMAC tensioners for Jan de Nul Group’s entire fleet of cable-laying vessels (CLVs). Notably among these are the world’s largest CLV, the Fleeming Jenkin, and others like the Connector and Willem de Vlamingh.

Fleeming Jenkin set for a high-tech upgrade

The Fleeming Jenkin, most admired for its enormous cable capacity of 28,000 tonnes and the ability to lay cables in mid-oceanic depths of up to 3,000 meters, is slated to be equipped with three high-capacity four-track main deck tensioners. These will be specifically utilized for bundled-layering operations, augmented by two additional loading arm tensioners. To ensure safe cable handling, an integrated electrical system will also be installed.

Specialized electric tensioners on the horizon

MacArtney’s state-of-the-art electric tensioners, designed for real-time surveillance and seamless co-ordination with the vessel’s control system, are intended to complement Jan De Nul Group’s intricate export and translocation cable projects. These CEMAC tensioners, powered by electric motors, incorporate the latest active front-end drive technology to facilitate energy regeneration. Any rejuvenated energy will then be plowed back to power various components of the vessel, including the batteries. This innovative feature is a key aspect of the company’s dedication to sustainable practices.

MacArtney: Moving towards sustainability and efficiency

Business Development Manager at MacArtney, Mike Welling, spoke with pride about MacArtney’s re-selection by Jan De Nul Group. He extolled the company’s unwavering commitment to pioneering technological advancement and integrating vessel’s systems. This reaffirmed dedication to environmentally friendly practices and efficient cable operation management further cements MacArtney’s status in this industry.

Final thoughts

This contract is another feather in MacArtney’s cap as it continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and industry-leading practices in offshore wind solutions. Such determination to push boundaries is the path MacArtney is steadily paving for a sustainable future in the maritime construction sector.

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