Logansport Ponders Assigned Outdoor Relaxation Zone in Downtown

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Logansport Ponders Implementation of Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area

The bustling Midwest city of Logansport, located in Indiana, is considering establishing a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in its vibrant downtown region, according to our source. This move, which aligns with Indiana Code 7.1-3-31, will allow the sale and enjoyment of alcoholic beverages in unbreakable open containers in a designated region during specific hours, spanning from 11 a.m. to midnight daily.

DORA Proposal on the Table

The first mention of DORA came during a meeting of the Logansport Common Council that took place on December 4, 2023. The proposal is now pending its second crucial reading, which has been scheduled for February 5. It’s worth noting that the implementation of DORA requires local acceptance before it can be officially adopted by the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission of Indiana and participating retailers.

Decisions and Obligations

According to the proposed stipulations in DORA, the establishments situated within the designated area will have the freedom to decide whether they will permit the sale and consumption of open containers of alcoholic beverages on their premises. However, there will be a restriction on the number of containers sold at a time, with each sale being limited to two containers. Furthermore, the volume of alcohol in each serving will be determined by the state. An important note for businesses with outdoor patios within the DORA area is that they would not be obligated to construct fences.

Upcoming Festivities and Rules

When it comes to special outdoor events occurring within the boundaries of DORA, vendors would need the state’s prior approval. In addition, they would need to submit event applications to the Logansport Board of Works. Currently, the envisaged boundaries of DORA extend from Little Turtle Waterway up to the Eel River, specifically between Third and Sixth Streets. The area then stretches eastward to encompass the riverfront area called ‘On the Banks’, extending to the Eel River between Sixth and 11th Streets. This region notably includes the prospective site of the Vibrant Events Center.

Impact on Logansport

In summary, the city of Logansport is contemplating a significant move that could completely reshape the dynamic of its buzzing downtown district. The success of DORA essentially depends on the endorsement of the Common Council and the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission of Indiana. Potentially, the implementation could result in a domino effect, altering not just Logansport’s nightlife, but also impacting the local economy and the community’s social dynamic by extension.

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