Lisa Faulkner & John Torode’s Australian Cuisine Journey and a Glimpse into their Personal Existence

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The Life and Times of TV Stars Lisa Faulkner and John Torode

Reports from our sources reveal that the actress turned TV chef, Lisa Faulkner, recently offered fans a sneak peek into her private life with her husband, John Torode. The accidental insight occurred as Faulkner showcased her latest acquisition, a pair of camel-colored combat trousers, in her Instagram story. In doing so, her fans got to taste her life off the screen, catching a glimpse of the couple’s pink striped carpet and a luxurious chandelier embellishing their shared bedroom.

Culinary Adventure in Australia: John & Lisa’s Food Trip Down Under

Faulkner, along with her husband, currently hosts a fresh series on ITV. Aptly titled, ‘John & Lisa’s Food Trip Down Under’, the program started airing on January 20 and follows the couple as they embark on an appetizing journey across the captivating vistas of Western Australia. Being an Australian born in Melbourne, John was thrilled to show his wife around the lesser-known corners of his birth land.

A Two-Person Travelogue

Despite being food-centric, their show highlights more than just local cuisines and vineyards. It spectacularly nuances the couple’s off-camera relationship with the help of GoPro cameras they wore throughout their expedition. The cameras recorded spontaneous, unmodified moments depicting the couple’s authenticity, thereby adding a unique appeal to the content.

Outdoor Escapade: An Extensive Gastronomic Journey

The pair’s television series is not just about tasting and discussing various foods. It gives the duo a break from their routine life spent laboring over stovetops. Their adventure, which spans from the verdant southern forests to the untouched white sand beaches, encapsulates the essence of Australia’s immense environmental diversity. ‘John & Lisa’s Food Trip Down Under’ is aired every Saturday morning at 11.40 am on ITV1 and ITVX for fans to explore Australia’s scenic and culinary richness.


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