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Big Brain Launches Revolutionary AI Bot Creation Platform, No Coding Skills Needed

The artificial intelligence industry has seen a monumental shift with the introduction of a groundbreaking platform by industry leader, Big Brain. This intuitive platform revolutionizes how AI bots are created by allowing users, regardless of their programming know-how, to effortlessly assemble, analyze, and monetize AI bots. A breakthrough like this ensures that creating AI technology is no longer limited to software experts and those highly skilled in tech.

Creating AI Bots Without Coding Knowledge

This ground-breaking platform by Big Brain has been designed to be extremely user-friendly and requires zero knowledge of coding. This innovation removes the need for hiring coding experts or learning complex software languages, making AI bot creation conceivable for the common man. The platform is steeped with user-friendly templates and easy-to-use tools that streamline the bot creation process, letting users concentrate more on the strategic and creative aspects of AI bot development.

Breaking the Barriers of the AI Industry

Big Brain’s CEO, Nikhil Arun, has compared the impact of this innovative platform to that of WordPress’s influence on website creation. He stressed on this platform being a game-changer, enabling even non-coders to design and monetize AI bots within minutes. The company’s vision is to diversify the AI space with an array of voices and perspectives, thus making it more lucrative and enjoyable to a wider audience.

An Open Invitation to Unleash the Power of AI

Big Brain has issued a cordial invitation to users of diverse backgrounds to explore the potential of AI bot creation with their advanced platform. The company’s objective is not solely confined to revolutionizing the AI bot creation landscape; it also aims to make valuable contributions to the growth of AI technology. By making AI bot development accessible to all, Big Brain aims to drive the expansion of AI technology and nurture an inclusive AI community.


The new Big Brain platform is set to democratize AI bot creation. With accessibility at the core of its vision, the firm aims to change the landscape of the AI industry by welcoming a more diverse pool of creators. This revolutionary step from Big Brain is undoubtedly a progressive leap forward in the domain of AI development.

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