La Cocos Hits EUR 200 Million Turnover, Expands with New Brasov Store Amidst Foreign Retail Competition

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La Cocos: The First Independent Romanian Retailer to Hit RON 1 Billion Turnover

La Cocos, a prominent hypermarket chain in Romania, marked a significant achievement in 2023 by surpassing the RON 1 billion (EUR 200 million) turnover – a first for local independent retailers. The company has just announced plans for a fourth store in Brasov, central Romania – an integral step in its ambitious expansion strategy.

The Setting of New Milestones

In a market primarily controlled by foreign retailers such as Lidl and Kaufland, La Cocos has emerged as a distinct entity. Despite the dominant presence of these international retailers, and the competition from Cora – acquired by Carrefour in 2023 and reported a staggering RON 1.5 billion revenue in 2022 – La Cocos has managed to exhibit stellar growth.

La Cocos’ consistent profitability since its inception in 2014 has been noteworthy. In contrast to its initial turnover of EUR 111 million in 2021, the firm recorded an impressive EUR 144 million in 2022.

Next Stop: Brasov

The new line in the sand has been marked with the establishment of a 10,000 sqm La Cocos store in the Bartolomeu neighbourhood of Brasov. The store is ensconced within the Brintex-Brasov retail complex – a densely populated area chosen for its strategic location.

Prior to this, La Cocos operated three successful hypermarkets in Ploiesti and Bucharest. The opening of the Brasov store signals the beginning of the company’s ambitious expansion layout, which includes the inauguration of five more units between 2024 and 2025.

Setting La Cocos Apart

Part of La Cocos’ success can be attributed to its unique retail format. Offering a variety of about 12,000 top-selling and well-known products in Romania, La Cocos stands out from its competitors. Customers are offered the distinct advantage of price benefits that increase with the amount of their purchase – a concept that is not only novel but wildly successful as well.

Strategic expansion plans and a unique business model suggest that the future holds promising prospects for La Cocos. As the company continues to solidify its presence in the Romanian market, it remains an interesting player to watch in the evolving retail landscape.


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