Kupwara DDC Chairman Leads Review on Capex Plan 2023-24 Development Projects

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District Development Council Kupwara Reviews Progress of Developmental Projects

Kupwara’s DDC held a meeting to assess the status of various developmental projects under the Capex Plan for the 2023-24 fiscal year

The District Development Council (DDC) of Kupwara, under the leadership of Chairman Irfan Sultan Panditpori, called a gathering to gauge the progress of multiple development projects under the Capex Plan for the fiscal year 2023-24. The meeting place was the DC Office Complex, with the presence of several key players including Chief District Development Commissioner Ayushi Sudan and Vice-Chairman Haji Farooq Mir, among others.

Comprehensive Report Discussed at the Meeting

A thorough report was presented during the meeting, laying out details about ongoing projects and the ones that have been completed across multiple schemes. Some of these schemes include UT Capex, ADF, Aspirational District Programme, Block Development Programmes, SBM, and JJM. The Kupwara district is slated to work on a robust budget of Rs.102380.10 lakhs for Capex. The district has identified 3226 works, out of which 1984 are already completed. The amount of funds released stands firm at 48412.13 lakhs until now, while the expenditure is counted to be 33105.15 lakhs, marking 68% of the total approved amount.

In-depth Analysis of Physical and Financial Status of the Works

A part of the meeting agenda covered the physical and financial status of projects across sectors like minor irrigation, education, health, and urban development. The council members took this opportunity to bring up a few concerns related to their respective constituencies, crucial points being contractor performance, issues with transformers and reasons for the delay in project completion.

Drawing Strategy for Public Interest Issues and Current Projects

The discussion led onto the proposal of holding separate council meetings, where officers from diverse departments would be present to strategize on matters of public interest and the execution of current projects. The Chairman vouched for swift project completion to meet the financial year’s objectives. The District Development Commissioner too, made a strong point emphasizing on the need for timely completion and effective utilization of funds to prevent lapses and ensure swift resolution of the land-related issues for developmental projects.

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