Karachi Customs Catches Passenger with Gold Worth Rs10.1 Million at Airport

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Gold Seizure at Karachi Airport Marks Continued Efforts at Curbing Smuggling

On a recent Tuesday, sources from The Reader Wall news have released information relating to the successful intervention by Pakistan Customs. The institution reportedly halted an attempted gold smuggling operation at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. The seized gold, totalling Rs10.1 million in value, highlights continued efforts by customs officials in the region to stem smuggling

Details of the Operation

The operation was carried out against an individual named Nizamuddin, who had arrived in Karachi after a journey from Dubai. Officials conducted a routine scanning procedure and found the concealed treasure within his luggage. Following the discovery of the gold, Nizamuddin was detained for further investigation, adding to an increasing number of seizures by airport authorities.

Last April’s Interception

Tuesday’s events follow a related incident from last April when customs officials intercepted a smuggling of 65,000 US dollars. The amount, an equivalent to roughly Rs12 million, was discovered hidden in a female passenger’s luggage while she was en route to Doha. In contrast to the arrest of Nizamuddin, the woman was allowed to continue her journey after the confiscation of the foreign currency. These incidents underline the relentless efforts by officials to prevent smuggling through this significant Pakistani airport.

Plagued by Smuggling Attempts

Despite these successful operations, Pakistan continues to grapple with smuggling challenges, especially through its airports. The persistent smuggling attempts are indicative of the broader efforts required to comprehensively tackle the issue. The frequency of such attempts underscores the significant challenge customs and airport officials have on their hands.

Efforts to Reinforce Regulations

  • Increasing the number of routine checks on incoming and outgoing passengers
  • Enforcing tighter sanctions against smugglers
  • Incorporating latest technology for baggage screenings

Despite having made significant strides in recent years, Pakistan Customs continues to work tirelessly to outmanoeuvre individuals hoping to exploit the country’s aviation sector. As efforts remain ongoing, we remain committed to keeping you updated on developments, as we corroborate these from our distinct sources.


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