Doha Celebrates Pakistan’s 84th National Day with Grandeur: A Testament to Strong Bilateral Ties

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Pakistan Embassy in Doha Honors the 84th National Day of Pakistan

On the 3rd of March, The Embassy of Pakistan in Doha commemorated the prominent National Day of Pakistan, recognizing the 84th year since the Lahore Resolution. This significant event took place in 1940 and led to the foundation of Pakistan we know today. Our sources reveal the celebration was held at the esteemed Grand Sheraton Hotel & Resort.

Event Attendees and Significant Dignitaries

The event attracted imminent individuals from both local and international sectors. Among the attendees were representatives of the Qatari government, renowned diplomats, members of the press, well-known academics, and members of the vibrant Pakistani diaspora. Two of the prominent figures that graced the occasion were H E Ibrahim bin Ali bin Issa Al Hassan Al Muhannadi, Qatar’s Minister for Justice and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, and H E Dr. Hamad bin Abdelaziz Al Kawari, Minister of State and President of the Qatar National Library.

Content of Ambassador’s Speech

The Pakistan envoy to Qatar, H E Muhemmed Aejaz, gave a keynote speech during the event. With quiet pride, he spoke about Pakistan’s resilient journey since its inception. The ambassador also touched on the role Pakistan has been playing in offering support to Afghan refugees. H E Muhemmed Aejaz emphasized on the recent key political appointment, shedding light on the election of Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Strengthened Bilateral Ties

H E Muhemmed Aejaz did not pass up the chance of acknowledging the reinforced bilateral relations between Pakistan and Qatar. He extended his appreciation towards Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani for the support rendered to Pakistan, demonstrating the strong mutual relations between the two nations.

Successful Collaborative Endeavors

The ambassador also praised the recently held Pakistan-Qatar IT Conference that indicates competitive collaborations. He equally mentioned Pakistan’s role in the forthcoming Doha Expo 2023, marking these as significant achievements made in the spheres of international conferences and expositions.

The Role of the Pakistani Community

The celebration also saw acknowledgment of the Pakistani community residing in Qatar. Their efforts in driving the country’s development were applauded as a testament to their industrious nature and substantial contributions.

Culmination of the Event

The event successfully ended with a display of Pakistani traditional culture with a grand feast. The food served comprised of various Pakistani delicacies, paying homage to the rich traditional culinary art of Pakistan.

This memorable event not only served to celebrate the 84th National Day of Pakistan but also highlighted the remarkable relations between Pakistan and Qatar, making it an evening of joyous celebration and diplomacy.


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