JSW Infrastructure Announces Considerable Income Boost in Q3 FY23-24

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JSW Infrastructure’s Net Profit Soars in Q3 Fiscal Year Results

Our sources have reported that JSW Infrastructure, India’s second-largest private port operator, has disclosed a substantial surge in its consolidated net profit for the October-December quarter of the fiscal year. The net profit has impressively risen to Rs 253.57 crore in contrast to Rs 116.38 crore recorded during the equivalent period of the prior year. The key factor propelling this growth was an extraordinary increase in the total income, making a leap from Rs 842.02 crore in the previous year’s comparable quarter to Rs 1,018.30 crore in this year.

The Catalysts of Rising Profit

The leading cause of higher profit, as identified by the firm itself, is a 17% YoY growth in the cargo volumes which reached a figure of 28.1 million tonnes. The economic dynamics behind this noteworthy growth were increased capacity utilization at diverse terminals such as the Paradip Iron Ore Terminal, Paradip Coal Terminal, and Mangalore Coal Terminal. These factors led to a revenue surge by 21% with an EBITDA of Rs 558 crore and a margin that spurted to 54.8%.

Company’s Strategic Expansions and Acquisitions

Parallel to the upswinging trend in revenue and profit, JSW Infrastructure has also made significant strides in its business expanses. The company has attained clearance on the environmental front for expanding the capacity of the Ennore Coal Terminal. It also secured its position as a winning bidder for a new port project in Karnataka. Subsequently, it completed the acquisition of PNP Maritime Services in Maharashtra and a liquid storage facility at Fujairah port in the UAE successfully. These strategic acquisitions and geographical expansions have amped up the organization’s total cargo handling capacity to an astounding 170 MTPA, marking a prominent increase from an earlier capacity of 158.4 MTPA.

Upward Movement in Stock Market

JSW Infrastructure’s stock soared following the declaration of their impressive financial results and successful expansion efforts. It closed robustly higher by a margin of 3.03% at Rs 224.25 on the Bombay Stock Exchange, indicating a positive reaction of the market to the company’s overall performance.

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