Jessica Sarah Parker’s Launch and London’s Artistic and Gastronomic Revival

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A Month of Entertainment and Culture in London

As February arrives, so does an attractive array of cultural and gastronomic experiences in London. From the twinkling stages of the West End to thought-provoking exhibitions and a rapidly expanding dining scene, there’s something for all tastes in the bustling city.

Sarah Jessica Parker Shines in her First West End Performance

Best known worldwide for her memorable role in ‘Sex and the City’, Sarah Jessica Parker now decorates her already illustrious career with her first-ever performance in London’s West End. Together with her husband, Matthew Broderick, Parker stars in ‘Plaza Suite’ at the esteemed Savoy Theatre. As part of a trilogy of couples in comedic crisis, brought to life in a three-act play that took its first bow on Broadway in the 1960s. The play’s revival has received a warm welcome from the London audiences, and the performances will continue until the 13th of April.

The Royal Academy’s Lang-Awaited Exhibition Opens

Shifting the focus away from the gleaming lights of the theatre district, the Royal Academy is preparing to launch one of the most audacious exhibitions in its recent history. Dedicated to showcasing works by artists belonging to the black diaspora, the innovative display promises to shine a light on how they have shaped both the cultural and political pulse of the UK.

A Foodie’s expedition: London’s Latest Food Outlets

For connoisseurs of fine food, the London dining scene continues to flourish at an impressive pace. Grasso, a new Italian-American eatery in Soho, is certainly making its mark. Innovatively, prices include service charges, making dining out more straightforward and staff-friendly. On the other hand, The Compton Arms, a popular spot for Italian cuisine, has unveiled new menu additions to complement their already enticing offerings. Those seeking a hidden gem can sneak away to Scales Bar, a speakeasy tucked beneath Drinks with Sasha in Marylebone, that has gained a reputation for serving creative cocktail concoctions.

An Unusual Fusion: Art and Supper Clubs

Contributing further to the dynamic scene of London, the ‘Five by Five’ project by Incubator puts out an exceptional art display where prominent artists have chosen rising stars to partake in a joint exhibition. Moreover, in a rare occasion, Paisan supper clubs are set to host a four-course dining event held at Giacco’s wine bar. This culinary delight is thoughtfully composed by acclaimed chef Tiberio Simonelli.

February anticipates a thrilling rollercoaster of ventures in London, offering both residents and visitors an opportunity to submerge themselves in the city’s effervescent cultural and food scenes.


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