Holyoke Mayor Enforces Cleanliness: Property Owners on Notice for Weekend Sweeps

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Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia Stresses Importance of Property Cleanliness

In a recent announcement from our sources, Holyoke, Massachusetts’ Mayor, Joshua Garcia, is highlighting the need for property tidiness. The Mayor has been reminding both local residents and property owners about their obligatory duties under the city’s by-laws.

Flex Squad on the Case

The ‘Flex Squad,’ a dedicated team from the city’s Public Works Department, is reportedly conducting neighborhood inspections over the weekends. The central aim of these sweeps is to discover and report properties that defy the standard requirements, which state that properties should be devoid of junk, rubble, and unruly vegetation.

The focus areas for these inspections include sidewalks, grass strips, rights-of-way, and half of alleyways that fall under the residents’ domain. It is, therefore, the property owners’ duty to maintain these areas according to the set standards.

A Dual-purpose Initiative

Alongside enforcing cleanliness regulations, this initiative by Mayor Garcia also hopes to enlighten property owners about their crucial roles in maintaining neighborhood cleanliness. This initiative aims to impress upon owners the importance of preventing stormwater grate blockages to avoid severe instances of flooding.

Details on the Ordinance

For those curious about the ordinance details, it’s necessary to take a look at the Holyoke city ordinances to get a clearer picture. Section 74-2 (f)(1) and Section 74-98, in particular, highlight these expectations. In compliance with these ordinances, every type of property is required to be kept neat and litter-free.

The ordinances further outline that vegetation must be adequately maintained to prevent any potential health hazards and safety risks. These precautions can effectively contribute to a cleaner, safer, and healthier community environment in Holyoke.


By escalating the matter of property cleanliness, Mayor Joshua Garcia is demonstrating the city’s commitment towards the welfare of its residents. Through strict enforcement of the ordinances and educating property owners, Holyoke is ensuring that its neighborhoods remain clean, safe, and beautiful, thereby complimenting the reputation of this historic city.


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