Hodinkee, G-Shock, and John Mayer Reveal the G-SHOCK Ref. 5600 Watch

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A Unique Three-Way Collaboration Unveils the G-SHOCK Ref. 5600 Timepiece

Our sources have confirmed a groundbreaking venture in the watchmaking industry. The esteemed watch connoisseur, Hodinkee, has combined talents with the legendary watch producers, G-Shock, and the Grammy-award winning musician, John Mayer. The outcome of their extraordinary partnership is the striking new G-SHOCK Ref. 5600 timepiece. This strategic alliance follows on from successful collaborative campaigns with legendary musician Ed Sheeran and contemporary fashion label Online Ceramics.

A Fusion of Symbolism and Independent Design Features

The most recent addition to this series of timepieces emanates significant symbolism linked to the Hodinkee brand. The G-SHOCK Ref. 5600 boasts a deep grey shade, mirroring the fundamental ethos of the Hodinkee brand. Its distinguishing design component yields a tribute to Hodinkee’s headquarters by showcasing the abbreviations ‘NYC, TYO, and ATL’ on its face. This signifies the wide-ranging influence Hodinkee has maintained in the international watchmaking industry, with establishments in New York City, Tokyo, and Atlanta.

Combining Wearability with Readability

The Ref. 5600 model has been meticulously structured with the focus on alleviating any discomfort to the wearer and enhancing visibility. The lightweight nature of the watch, owing to a resin case and strap, ensures a snug fit for the wearer. A critical add-on of an electroluminescent backlight comes as a thoughtful provision for improved readability even amidst dim lighting, underpinning the comprehensive detailing involved in its crafting.

Emphasizing the Potential in Collaborative Endeavors

This collaboration signifies more than just a product. It essentially highlights the potential of combining individual strengths of top-tier profiles for a common goal. John Mayer’s inclusion, renowned for his watch fascination, further adds credence to this combination. The collaboration is targeted at the cohort of watch connoisseurs, with refreshed influences from vintage dive watches and renowned watch narratives. The series finale presents a watch jointly designed with Hodinkee’s founder and Executive Chairman, Ben Clymer, reinforcing the collective commitment to churn out distinct and appealing timepieces.


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