‘Fighter’ Reception Ignites Audience Connection Dispute

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‘Fighter’: Underperformance Blamed on Audience’s Lack of Familiarity with Air Travel

‘Fighter,’ a film featuring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, has experienced a lackluster opening according to the box office statistics. Siddharth Anand, the director of the film, has attributed this performance to the narrative’s failure to resonate with the Indian audience. Anand stated that the unfamiliarity of 90% of Indians with the concept of air travel, a pivotal theme in this aerial action-thriller, might have marred their viewing experience.

A Controversial Remark Ignites a Debate

In an engaging conversation hosted by Galatta Plus, Anand’s remarks led to a flurry of discussions, eventually setting social media ablaze under the trending hashtag ‘90% of Indians.’ Detractors found flaws in Anand’s reasoning, using the argument that several other films achieve success while focusing on themes that do not pertain to the majority’s experience. For instance, ‘Oppenheimer’ still managed to gain substantial traction despite presenting the complex subject of nuclear science.

Discrepancies Between ‘Fighter’s’ Core Narrative and Reception

Despite the heated debates, Anand holds onto the belief that ‘Fighter’ represents an emotional, specifically Indian tale at its heart. He insists that this aspect should appeal to the wider Indian audience. Nevertheless, the facts presented by the box office statistics disagree with Anand’s perspective: ‘Fighter’s’ initial opening clocked in Rs 24 crore, which dropped drastically to Rs 7 crore on the first Monday.

The Amplifying Effect of Social Media

Social media channels have been witness to a thousands-strong discourse on Anand’s controversial statement and ‘Fighter’s’ unexpected performance. The director’s claims have opened up a dialogue about viewer engagement and his assertions’ credibility. According to Anand, although viewers initially find it hard to relate to the film, they come to perceive its simplicity once they find themselves in the theatre. Yet, it remains to be seen whether this fundamental clarity has been enough to bolster the film’s success on the commercial front.


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