European Mobile Cranes Market Set to Rise: Forecast Highlights 4.9% CAGR Growth by 2030

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European Mobile Cranes Market to Witness Substantial Growth by 2030

The European Mobile Cranes Market, according to our source, is all set to observe a rise in its growth rate. With an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9% from 2024 to 2030, the market is pulsating with potential opportunities for players in the industry.

What’s Driving the Market Growth?

There’s a mix of factors that are playing key roles in fueling the market’s growth. These include innovative advancements in the market, decisions made strategically by main players in the industry, and the consistent search for optimizing opportunities to expand their businesses.

Our source analysis paints a holistic picture of the market that includes the latest trends surfacing in the industry, the competitive landscape, and predictions for the future.

Key Players’ Strategic Moves

Top-tier industry players such as Liebherr-International AG, Tadano Ltd., Konecranes, and Bauer AG are resorting to strategic maneuvers to bolster their stake in the market. A case in point here would be Liebherr’s decision to roll out a new 150-ton mobile crane equipped with a 66-meter telescopic boom. This move is aimed at providing crane contractors with improved cost and time efficiency.

Market Segmentation

The market for mobile cranes is categorized by product type into three different segments. These are Truck Mounted Crane, Crawler Crane, and Trailer Mounted Crane. From the application perspective, they are primarily used in the Construction, Industrial and Utility sectors.

Across the Territories: European Market Analysis

The report delves deep into a detailed analysis of the market in Europe, focusing primarily on countries like Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, and other regional European territories. It highlights the significance of grasping the market determinants and local regulations that may impact the market’s growth trajectory.

All in all, the European Mobile Cranes Market is showing promising signs of growth and potential for businesses willing to seize opportunities in this evolving market landscape.


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