Erin McNaught Professes Affection for New Partner Stace Cadet on His Anniversary

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Aussie Supermodel Erin McNaught Discloses Romantic Affair with Music Producer Stace Cadet

Striking Australian Model Erin McNaught, took to her social media space recently to share heartfelt messages of love for her new found romance, music producer Stace Cadet on his birthday. This revelation ensued after the end of her relationship with well-known British rapper Example, the father of her two children. Both McNaught and Example are however maintaining a seamless joint parental relationship for their children despite moving on romantically with other partners.

McNaught’s Journey of Love Post Separation

Turning 41 this year, life seems to have presented another chance at love to McNaught, who is currently dating Adelaide-based music producer known as Stace Cadet in the professional scene, whose personal name is Stasi Kotaras. They started seeing each other after McNaught’s separation from her former partner, Example, in October 2022. She has since been expressive about her affection for Kotaras, not shying away from showcasing their intimate moments together on her various social media platforms.

Example’s Life Navy with Art Advisor Daisy Cox

On the other hand, Example, whose birth name is Elliot Gleave, has also progressed in his personal life. Currently, he is in a serious relationship with art advisor Daisy Cox, who moved to Australia to start living with him. Despite the termination of their marital tie, McNaught and Example are committed to efficient co-parenting of their children, sons Evander and Ennio.

Maintaining Efficient Co-parenting Strategy

As a couple, Example and McNaught had their wedding in 2013 and were together until their separation in 2022. When they announced their separation, both agreed in their narratives that after 11 years of companionship, it was time to turn a new leaf as the relationship had reached its natural endpoint. The ex-couple has requested privacy post their split and closed the comments section in their separation statement online, in a bid to safeguard their family from any potential negativity. They have spent subsequent holidays together with their children and have been well-supported by friends and family, who applaud their efficient co-parenting commitments.


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