EPRA Denies Gas Storage Location Licenses Due to Safety Issues

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EPRA Continually Denies Construction Permits for LPG Storage Plant due to Safety Concerns

Our source confirms that the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has consistently refused to grant construction permits for a proposed Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage facility due to pertinent safety infringements. The site’s design plans, intended for LPG storage and filling purposes, failed to adhere to crucial safety protocols, primarily in relation to the mandatory safety distances.

EPRA Upholds Critical Safety Measures

The regulatory authority, remaining steadfast in implementing safety regulations, pointed out the high-density population residing within close proximity of the proposed plant as a primary concern, leading to the justification of its repeated permit rejections. Additionally, the business proposing the gas plant failed to produce a significant document – the Qualitative Risk Assessment (QRA). This document presents detailed projections of radiation blast profiles if an unforeseen explosion were to occur. Without this crucial ‘blast profile’, comprehensive evaluation of possible impacts on people and property in the event of such a mishap is hampered.

Safety Protocols Chains Broken

Shockingly, despite the blot of permit rejections, the gas plant continues to operate. This blatant disregard for regulatory compliance raises questions about the effective enforcement of safety protocols by the government bodies. As per our source, an incident of LPG gas explosion in the vicinity that led to multiple fatalities and injured hundreds, only serves to validate these concerns.

Graft Allegations Surface Amid Regulatory Lapses

Compounding the situation, corruption allegations have surfaced against the government officials responsible for safeguarding the public’s safety. Rumors suggest that bribes are being taken in exchange for disregard towards building codes and standards. If such allegations stand true, they expose a grim reality of potential corruption undermining the enforcement of safety regulations within governmental bodies.


In light of the current safety violations at the LPG storage facility and the laxity of regulatory enforcement despite numerous permit rejections, it is imperative for the respective authorities to strictly implement safety protocols. Moreover, an urgent investigation into these corruption allegations is crucial to ensure the safety standards are not forsaken for personal benefits.

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