Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: E-Commerce Carnival Set for March 5 in Istanbul

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Upcoming Event: Women Entrepreneurs: E-Commerce Carnival

On the horizon for March 5 is an event of great importance. The focus: to celebrate and empower women entrepreneurs who have made their mark in the e-commerce industry. “Women Entrepreneurs: E-Commerce Carnival,” a joint initiative by the Turkish Charity Association (TYSD) Bakırköy Branch and Ahoras, will be held at the Sheraton Istanbul Ataköy Hotel. It’s shaping up to be a significant learning opportunity for future leaders and should not be missed by anyone who is keen on understanding the dynamics of the e-commerce industry.

About the Event

Our source has confirmed that the “Women Entrepreneurs: E-Commerce Carnival” will play host to five distinguished female entrepreneurs who have risen to prominence within the e-commerce domain. The aim of the gathering is to provide a stage for showcasing the tenacity, courage, and business acumen of these women entrepreneurs while inspiring and educating the event attendees with their stories of entrepreneurship.

Roster of Notable Speakers

In an effort to give attendees a range of perspectives, several leading women from the sector will be sharing their journeys.

  • Among the speakers are Elif Çelik, the woman behind the success of Munch Chocolate.
  • Başak Baykan, who co-founded Kiralarsin, will also be sharing her experiences on the said forum.
  • Not to forget Şevin Ballıktaş, the founder and CEO of Usersdot who is well on her path to establishing a Unicorn company.
  • It’s an opportunity to learn firsthand from the success stories of women who braved the odds and have emerged as leaders in the e-commerce industry.

    Workshops to Look Forward To

    But that’s not all. Our source informs us that the event will also be hosting courage workshops that will be helmed by two experienced psychologists. The aim of these workshops is to further empower and motivate participants, arming them with the necessary tools to conquer their entrepreneurial journeys.

    In conclusion, the ‘Women Entrepreneurs: E-Commerce Carnival’ is much more than just a gathering; it’s a celebration of achievements, an exchange of experiences, and a platform for empowerment. It’s an event that holds promise for aspiring entrepreneurs and industry veterans alike.


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