Duo Falsely Accused for Parking by Clamping Business in Atlanta

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Unexpected Difficulty Strikes Couple at Musical Event

During a musically droving night at the well-known State Farm Arena, a dreadful incident unfolded for Colleen Gomez and her partner. They found themselves entangled in an undeserved situation where their vehicle got booted by a firm named Empire Parking Services (EPS). This incident occured at a parking facility located on Marietta Street, nestled in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Despite presenting valid proof that their parking slot was still under the time limit, the representative from EPS refused to take off the boot. Furthermore, he did not give any reasonable justification for his actions.

Growing Tensions

The confrontation escalated when the EPS employee declined to bring his manager to the scene. Stuck in this predicament, the couple decided it was appropriate to call for law enforcement. An officer arrived on the scene and confirmed that this was indeed a civil law issue. Notwithstanding, the officer did not press EPS to lift the boot, mainly due to the fact that the incident happened on private premises.

The Booting Ordinance in Atlanta

In alignment with the city booting ordinance of Atlanta, organizations such as EPS are mandated to offer a round-the-clock contact for customers who may want to raise complaints. Furthermore, these companies are legally obliged to appear within an hour after being called in order to rectify the situation. A noteworthy point emphasized in the guidelines clearly stipulates that a vehicle must not be booted if the vehicle’s owner returns prior to the completion of the booting operation.

Resolution and Guidelines for Future Events

Left with no other option, the duo complied with the firm’s demand and paid the fee. Taking steps towards reporting the unjust incident, they later engaged Atlanta News First Investigates, from our news source. Their determination for justice resulted in EPS acknowledging their error and reimbursing the fee of $75. This incidence shines a light on the importance of opting for prepaid parking to bypass such disputes. If a similar incident presents itself, it’s wise to document it for any potential claims that may arise with credit card disputes.

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