Disputed Indian Movie ‘Animal’ Sparks Discussion with Violent Sexist Elements

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Indian Film, ‘Animal’, Causes a Stir with Its Bold and Controversial Theme

Earlier in 2023, the Indian movie scene was taken aback when ‘Animal’, a movie starring Ranbir Kapoor in the prominent role of Vijay, sparked the audience’s attention. The film was directed by noted director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, and caught attention for its controversial and vivid portrayal of violence and male chauvinism. Ironically, while critics heavily criticized it, the film had a significantly successful run at the box office, securing a place among the highest earners in Indian cinema.

Raw Expose of Harmful Male Dominance

At the center of ‘Animal’ is the character Vijay- a man caught in the web of toxic machismo, a fraught relationship with his father, and an unsettling disposition towards violence. Rather than criticizing or condemning these problematic traits, the film audaciously spotlights them, further fueling the ongoing discussions.

Contrasting Public and Critical Opinions

Despite critics branding the film as ‘repulsive’ and ‘nauseating’, the movie found a fan base among Indian viewers. This contradiction of responses, critical outrage versus popular support, only escalated the already building controversy. Vanga, who has a reputation for pushing the envelope (as seen in his previous project ‘Kabir Singh’), apparently succeeded in creating a more contentious creation with ‘Animal’.

Moving Storyline and Possibility of a Sequel

The core plot of ‘Animal’ unwinds around the life of Vijay, exploring his fraught relationship with his father, his misconstrued sense of male privilege, and an intertwined romantic narrative with Geetanjali, a character played by Rashmika Mandanna. The movie concludes on a suspenseful note where Vijay is left in a quandary- at one end a dying father and on the other, a departing wife. A poster credit sequence introduces a fresh character, Aziz, indicating the potential for a sequel which might see Kapoor in dual roles. Given the movie’s penchant for graphic violence and controversial themes, the sequel seems likely to follow the same path.

  • Film is recognized for its audacious portrayal of harmful male dominance
  • Despite the critics’ backlash, the film was a commercial hit among the public
  • The film balances between a strained father-son relationship and a twisted love story
  • The introduction of a new character at the conclusion hints at a potential sequel
  • The sequel looks likely to continue down the same path, promising graphic violence and controversial themes

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