Councilwoman Ariola Secures New FDNY Ceremonial Unit Van, Enhancing Department’s Event Mobility

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City Councilwoman Joann Ariola supports FDNY with New Transport Vehicle

From the source of The Reader Wall News Website, it has been shared that Joann Ariola, a notable councilwoman from Ozone Park, has reached a new milestone in providing support to the local fire department. Aiding the FDNY’s Ceremonial Unit specifically, she has succeeded in funneling necessary funds that resulted in the procurement of a new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter transportation vehicle.

Beneficial Gift: A New Van for FDNY’s Ceremonial Unit

This new van is a significant addition to the arsenal of resources at the department’s disposal. It will primarily serve as the go-to vehicle for transporting both personnel and equipment of the FDNY at different department events. This acquisition comes after careful planning and tireless efforts by Councilwoman Ariola, who holds the chair position at the Committee on Fire and Emergency Management.

Ariola voiced her joy and honor to be able to back our city’s brave firefighters who’re always on the front line, safeguarding the community. She also highlighted the importance of ensuring top-quality transportation for the department to optimally meet their needs.

FDNY Ceremonial Unit: A Vital Cog

From The Reader Wall news source, City Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh provided her insights. She underlined the critical role that the FDNY Ceremonial Unit plays in administering different department ceremonies. These events include memorial services, plaque dedications, graduations, promotions, and beyond.

Commissioner Kavanagh expressed her gratitude towards Councilwoman Ariola for her undying support towards the department. This new transportation van is thus not only a valuable addition to the department’s resources but also a symbol of the commitment and backing that the department enjoys from community leaders like Ariola.

  • Humble beginnings to effective leadership: Councilwoman Joann Ariola from Ozone Park.
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: A brand-new addition to the FDNY’s Ceremonial Unit.
  • Effective transportation: Essential for ensuring smooth operations at department events.
  • City Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh: Expresses her thankfulness and accentuates the FDNY Ceremonial Unit’s significance.

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