Converge ICT Solutions Inc. to Exploit Sky Cable’s Departure From Pay TV Sector

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Converge Gears up to Fill the Void in Pay TV Market Following Sky Cable’s Shutdown

Recently, as per our sources, Converge ICT Solutions Inc., a well-known broadband services provider in the Philippines, has shown intent to expand its influence in the pay TV industry. This decision comes on the heels of the scheduled cessation of operations by Sky Cable Corp., one of the nation’s major bundled cable and internet services providers. The departure of Sky Cable from the market opens up an opportunity that Converge is keen to exploit.

Strategies for Market Expansion

As it stands, Converge is the distributor for Pacific Kabelnet’s Vision, providing their broadband users in Metro Manila with exclusive access to a variety of channel packages at competitive prices. Converge caters to a broad audience by offering a diverse array of both local and international channels. The imminent shutdown of Sky Cable, expected on February 26, has spurred Converge to shift its focus from a strategy that was previously consolidated to targeting only high-income clientele, to one that envisages the entire consumer market.

Introduction of New Services: BlastTV

As part of its ongoing expansion plans, Converge also launched BlastTV in 2023. This is a complimentary streaming platform offering content from several major international producers. Despite a few initial challenges related to the promotion of paid content and assortment enlargement, Converge remains hopeful about its growth potential in the pay TV sector. The inherent ability of the company to adapt and anticipate has placed it in a strong position to leverage the evolving trends in the media and entertainment industry.

Sky Cable’s Closure Marks the End of an Era

The discontinuation of Sky Cable’s cable broadcast spells the end of a significant chapter in the Philippines’ telecommunications history. This development is a result of a merger with PLDT Inc., which consequently led Sky Cable to dedicate its operations to broadband services exclusively. Such a dramatic shift in the telecommunications sector creates strong opportunities for other players, like Converge, to strengthen their market presence and capture new opportunities.

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