Colman Domingo Revives Narrative of Nat King Cole

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Nat King Cole’s Life Becomes Cinema, Thanks To Colman Domingo

Actor and writer Colman Domingo is poised to showcase the life of iconic musician, Nat King Cole, in a new film venture. This venture has been a labor of love for Domingo, who himself co-wrote the script. The precise intricacies of the film’s timeline, however, are still confidential.

The Film: A Reflection of a Long-Standing Association

This film is not Domingo’s first connection to Cole. In the past, he co-scripted the stage play, ‘Lights Out: Nat ‘King’ Cole’. During an interaction on the Variety Awards Circuit Podcast, a source from our industry, Domingo disclosed his enduring connection to the project and he also spoke about welcoming the support from influential backers.

Commending the Legacy of Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole, who breathed his last in 1965, was a beacon of innovation in the music and entertainment industry. He remains forever etched in public memory for his smooth vocal quality and classic hits like ‘Smile’ and ‘Unforgettable.’ Surpassing his musical persona, Cole set a landmark achievement with his eponymous television show, ‘The Nat King Cole Show,’ in the 1950s.

Colman Domingo: An Actor of Merit and Distinction

Domingo’s association with this project is not an isolated incident in his impressive career. He is slated to enact the role of Joe Jackson in the soon-to-be-released biopic ‘Michael.’ He has also showcased his acting chops in leading roles in films such as ‘Lincoln,’ ‘Selma,’ ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts,’ and ‘Rustin.’ His expansive range of roles and significant contributions to the industry is testament to his versatility and prowess.

Future Updates

  • More information about Domingo’s portrayal of Cole, and the rest of the cast, will be announced soon.
  • Expected production dates and locations are also set to be shared in the coming weeks.
  • Cole fans can also look forward to potential includes of his most popular hits in the film’s soundtrack.

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