Cleveland-Cliffs Reaches Milestone in Green Steel Production via Hydrogen Injection Test

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Accomplishments in Sustainable Steel Production by Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.

According to news from Reader Wall, Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., a renowned North American company specializing in flat-rolled steel and iron ore pellet, has recently made an impressive progress in the pursuit of sustainable steel production. The company has carried out a successful hydrogen injection trial at its Indiana Harbor 7 (IH7) blast furnace. This commendable achievement underscores the company’s dedication to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and throws light on the innovative technologies promoting the manufacturing of high-quality steels essential for several sectors, including automotive.

The Breakthrough Hydrogen Injection Trial

The IH7 blast furnace, highly acclaimed as the largest in North America, reflects the magnanimity and output capacity of the world’s biggest blast furnaces. This significant accomplishment is yet another feat following a successful trial at Middletown Works that concluded in May 2023, further affirming Cleveland-Cliffs’ commitment to decarbonization.

Skillful Implementation: Hydrogen Pipeline

An indispensable component of the trial was the hydrogen pipeline at Indiana Harbor, the construction of which was impeccably executed— it was completed ahead of the planned schedule, within the budget, and without any incidents. Linde, the hydrogen gas supplier, played a crucial role in the seamless completion of the trial.

A Pioneer in Eco-friendly Steel Production

Lourenco Goncalves, the CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs, emphasized the company’s leading role in utilizing bleeding-edge technology to produce environmentally friendly steel. These techniques incorporate the use of hydrogen, iron ore pellets, natural gas injection, and Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI). Cleveland-Cliffs, founded in 1847, is a self-sufficient organization involved in all facets of steel production, from raw materials to the final product. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the company employs approximately 28,000 people in its operations across the United States and Canada, attesting to its extensive presence.

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