Clarity In Question: TransForm Shared Service Association Faces Rebuke

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TransForm Shared Service Organization Challenged by Public Transparency Concerns

A storm is escalating over TransForm Shared Service Organization, an organization providing collaborative services in the areas of informational technology, supply chain management, and accounts payable to different health institutions. TransForm has existed since 2013 amidst much ambiguity, creating a wave of apprehension amongst the general public as well as key political figures due to its perceived lack of openness and accountability.

Transparency Concerns Arise

Despite being a recipient of public funds, TransForm has often been criticized for its unwillingness to conduct public conferences. This action, while not directly breaching provincial laws, has provoked criticism for its implications on public accountability. The problem has intensified recently due to a cyber-attack impacting five hospitals which fall under TransForm’s purview: Bluewater Health, Chatham Kent Health Alliance, Erie Shores HealthCare, Htel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, and Windsor Regional Hospital.

A Campaign for Increased Regulatory Oversight

Stepping into this contentious arena, the NDP health spokesperson, France Gelinas, has undertaken the responsibility to address these complications. Gelinas has tabled a private member’s bill focused on subjecting shared service organizations like TransForm to the same degree of scrutiny as hospitals. This bill proposes that shared service organizations should fall under the parameters of the Sunshine List, ensuring freedom of access, supervision by the auditor general, and requiring adherence to stringent accountability standards.

Potential Legal Implications and Changes within the Organization

The backdrop to these demands for transparency is a cyber-attack, as a result of which a prospective class action lawsuit has been filed against TransForm and the hospitals it provides services to. This lawsuit underscores the essential need for shared service organizations like TransForm to maintain a level of transparency. The climate of uncertainty is further escalated by TransForm’s recent wave of new recruits following the cyber-attack, coupled with the secretive nature of its board meetings, which further underscores the ongoing push for increased public accountability.

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