Catalonia’s Culture Budget 2024: Elevating Audiovisual and Digital Industries

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The Catalonian Government’s Effort to Bolster Local Audiovisual and Digital Industries

It has been released from our source that the Catalonian government has proposed an expansive budget plan to enhance its local audiovisual and digital industry, viewing it not only as a chief economic driving force but also a crucial aspect of their culture. The proposed budget, reaching a soaring 56.3 million euros, is dedicated to fortifying the cultural and economic future of Catalonia.

Targeted Investments in local productions

Of the total budget, the Catalonian government plans to invest a significant amount of 35.5 million euros towards domestic production to support the Catalan audiovisual value chain. Additionally, a portion of 10 million euros is set to facelift the Catalunya Media City by procuring and transforming the Turbines de les Tres Xemeneies del Besòs building.

Culture Committee outlines the 2024 Budget Goals

The key aims of this ambitious budget were mirrored on the recent Culture Committee of the Parliament of Catalonia meeting by Councilor Natàlia Garriga. The Councilor made it clear that the driving force behind the allocation was accentuating cultural rights, nurturing a solid cultural system, safeguarding the future of the Catalan language, and encouraging the growth of the local audiovisual industry.

Increase in Generalitat’s Ministry budget

Information from our source has informed us that the culture sector has observed a noticeable rise as the budget for Generalitat’s ministry reached 566 million euros, representing a sizeable leap from previous years. The goal is to reach a 2% allocation before the current legislature concludes.

Collaborative Approach to Arts and Culture Education

Garriga underlined the synergistic relationship between the departments of Culture and Education, accentuating the need to incorporate arts and culture into education. In line with this focus, the budget is aimed at making culture more accessible to the youth.

Investments in Cultural Institutions and the Catalan Language

Major investments include extensions to the National Archives of Catalonia, the Filmoteca, and Arts Santa Mònica. Also noted was the establishment of two fresh cultural centers, La Foneria and Casa de les Lletres which are expected to be operational by 2027.

Furthermore, the budget trajectory also caters to the situation of the Catalan language. A total of 63 million euros will be allotted to the Secretariat of Linguistic Policy, reflecting a 21% increase from the previous year. This budget will be primarily used for the Consortium for Linguistic Standardization and promoting the usage of Catalan in cultural and technological products.

A Forward-Thinking Culture and Economy

This move by the Catalan government endorses a future-facing and cultural-centric model, echoing the interconnectedness of the economy, language, and culture sectors. It’s a testament to the region’s commitment to investing in the promotion of its inherent cultural values while expanding its economy.

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