Breaffy Cemetery Crisis: Large Boulders Hinder Burials, Families Distressed

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Cemetery Nearing Capacity Faces Unique Challenges

Cemetery in Breaffy Faces Grave Issue as It Nears Full Capacity

Reports from our source reveal that Breaffy’s cemetery, located in Castlebar, is facing substantial issues with its capacity. This comes amid other complications that prove to be distressing for mourning families.

Subterranean Boulders Complicate Grave Openings

According to concerns raised by Independent Councillor Michael Kilcoyne at a Castlebar Municipal District meeting, the process of opening graves in specific zones of the graveyard has been impeded by the presence of giant boulders underneath the land. This problem has resulted in certain instances where it’s virtually impossible to carry out re-opening of graves for the interment of additional family members. This is most pronounced when graves are situated near walls or adjacent to other graves. In such cases, the machinery required for removing the boulders is rendered inaccessible.

Grave Buyers Confront Unforeseen Obstacle

Kilcoyne brought to light the ordeal faced by families who bought graves in the Breaffy cemetery, only to later discover they would not be able to use them for future burials. The giant boulders under the surface make digging new graves or expanding existing ones highly problematic. This is a distressing blow to the kin of the departed, who are forced to find alternate burial options.

Council Called Upon to Address Graveyard Issues

The councillor emphasized the emotional strain on the affected families and pushed for the council management to rectify the situation. He stressed on the need for the council to mitigate this heart-wrenching issue that’s compounding the grief of the mourning families.

  • With the cemetery nearing full capacity, this boulder issue needs urgent attention.
  • It is necessary for the Castlebar council to understand the gravity of the issue and take immediate measures.

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