BLACKPINK’s Lisa Dazzles in Solo Showcase, Encounters Rihanna

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Global Music Sensation Lisa of BLACKPINK Wows Fans at Gala des Pièces Jaunes in France

On January 26, international K-pop star Lisa from BLACKPINK captivated the crowd with her impressive performance at the Gala des Pièces Jaunes charity concert held in France, the first since her parting with YG Entertainment, as confirmed by our sources. The web was abuzz with enthusiasm as the music diva posted on Instagram a captivating photo with pop icon Rihanna, setting off waves of speculation and excitement among fans.

Paving the Way for a Successful Solo Career

Though she remains an essential part of BLACKPINK along with members Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo, Lisa is also forging her own path with a solo career. She keeps her fans guessing by not disclosing her new label. Her stunning performance at the charity concert in France evidently showcases her competence as a solo artist, fuelling great expectations for her upcoming solo projects.

Kindling Excitement with a Celebrity Encounter

In an interesting development, Lisa sent the Internet into a frenzy when she posted an image of herself with global superstar Rihanna the day following the concert. It confirmed the meeting that had kept fans speculating excitedly. It was suggested that this was not their first encounter as Lisa is believed to have attended the birthday party of Jay-Z in December 2023, where Rihanna was also present.

Fresh Beginnings for BLACKPINK

While Lisa journeys into her solo career, her co-members in BLACKPINK are also spreading their wings. Jennie has recently introduced her brand OA, and Jisoo is considering joining her brother’s label. These developments indicate thrilling future directions for the renowned group. Lisa’s solo performance and her interaction with Rihanna provide a glimpse at the evolving dynamic within BLACKPINK.

Adding another feather to her cap, Lisa also appears in BVLGARI’s most recent advertising campaign, further extending her already diverse career. As each member of BLACKPINK ventures into varied routes, their individual pursuits ensure that new energy will continue to invigorate the group’s vibrant dynamic.


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