Beaumont University Pupil Excels on Nationwide TV with TramShed Acting Crew

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The Remarkable Journey of Katie – A Beaumont College Star

At 22 years old, Katie, a talented final-year student from Beaumont College in Lancaster, has made her mark on the national stage. A member of the well-known TramShed Theatre Group, she showcased her determination and talent when she was able to master a dance routine to ‘The Greatest Show’ in under a week. The challenging practice sessions took place in Blackpool and Manchester, culminating in a performance that can only be described as exceptional, as part of a television broadcast.

Beaumont College: More than Just a Learning Institution

The significant role of Beaumont College in fostering Katie’s journey is not to be overlooked. This post-16 specialist institution is not merely a seat of learning. It has been a fertile ground for Katie’s potential, nurturing her skills and boosting her self-assurance in a supportive, growth-promoting environment. The institution’s righteous dedication to the personal development of their students, along with its determined effort to create platforms for talent exposure, have been monumental in enabling Katie’s progression.

TramShed Theatre Group: An Inclusive Platform for Elevating Talent

TramShed, a popular theatre group that organises enriching workshops every Tuesday, has been a key plot in the narrative of Katie’s personal development. It has amplified her love for performance arts, facilitating her talent expression and further refinement. TramShed’s unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusiveness has created a fertile landing for Katie’s talents, directly contributing to her escalating accomplishments.

The Glorious Milestone in Katie’s Journey

By showcasing her talents on national television, Katie has marked an important chapter in her performance career. The magnitude of this achievement is palpable in the sheer numbers – performing before a live audience of 12,000 in Manchester, with millions more watching across the nation on their television screens. The event also stands as a tribute to National Lottery players, whose generous contributions have consistently breathed life into art projects, including TramShed’s ‘Hear our Voice’ initiative, which fosters inclusive theatre.


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