AVPL and SGT University Partner to Launch Global Skill & Innovation Hub in Gurgaon

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AVPL and SGT University Collaborate to Establish Global Skill & Innovation Hub

According to sources within our news network, AVPL, the foremost drone technology company based in Gurgaon, has forged a partnership with SGT University. The primary goal of this strategic collaboration is the launch of the Global Skill & Innovation Hub (GSIH) in Gurgaon, Haryana. This revolutionary initiative has the broader aims of facilitating the growth of education, stirring innovation, and nurturing entrepreneurship across various sectors, including but not limited to drone technology, agricultural advancements, and Industry 4.0 applications.

Memorandum of Understanding Paves the Way Forward

Our sources reveal that a memorandum of understanding clearly delineates the objectives of setting up the GSIH. It positions the hub as a nucleus for education, creativity as well as entrepreneurial ventures. The hub is set to boast of top-notch infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities.

AVPL Orchestrates the Roadmap

As part of the collaboration, AVPL has a pivotal role in providing its expertise, resources, and shaping the curriculum for a host of planned training programs. The extensive curriculum plan includes topics like Remote Pilot Certification, techniques for Agriculture Drone Spraying, principles of 3D Printing, and more, targeting endowing the attendees with the skill sets required for upcoming dynamic industrial settings.

Startups to Benefit from Incubation Support

Further reinforcing its commitment, AVPL has plans to offer incubation support for deserving startups. This aid will also extend to facilitating collaborations with the industry, organizing internships, and creating placement opportunities for the beneficiaries of these programs.

This concerted effort between both AVPL and SGT University aims to create ripples in the learning environment, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Optimists predict that this could potentially propel societal progression.

Shared Vision and Commitment

  • AVPL’s founding mind, Mr. Deep Sihag Sisai, reflects positivity and enthusiasm about this endeavor.
  • SGT University’s guiding light, Chancellor, Dr. ABC, echoes these sentiments, projecting that this initiative holds the key to nurturing today’s youth into tomorrow’s idea-generators and industry trailblazers.
  • All in all, the collaboration between these two giants foregrounds an exciting time for technological advancements and the prospect of newly equipped thought leaders in the industry.

    Elijah Muhammad