Automotive Sector in Clare Notes Rise in New Vehicle Sign-ups; Still Below Pre-Covid Figures

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Clare’s Auto Industry Witnesses Noteworthy Growth in New Car Registrations

Our source reports a promising start for Clare’s auto industry in 2024. January saw a significant uplift in new car registrations, rising nearly 15% in comparison to the same month the preceding year. An impressive 696 new vehicles were registered, a considerable hike from the 606 registrations in January 2023. However, it’s worth noting these figures are still trailing by 9% in comparison to pre-pandemic data from January 2019, when 765 new vehicles were acquired.

A Shift Toward Sustainable Transport Solutions

Our source further reports notable advancement in the commercial vehicle market aside from private car registrations. A significant trend highlighted within the Irish Motor Industry is a visible inclination toward more environmentally-friendly alternatives. A whopping 4,109 new electric vehicle (EV) registrations were reported in January, a clear indication of an increasingly conscious market embracing eco-friendly transport solutions.

Hybrid-Electric Cars Outsell Diesel for the First Time

As per market share statistics, petrol vehicles maintain their stronghold, continuing their tenure at the top. Conversely, one of the remarkable changes observed was the overtaking of diesel cars by hybrid-electric vehicles, unsurprisingly bagging the second spot. This shift is a clear demonstration of the changing trends within consumer preference and the automotive industry at large.

Strides Toward Achieving Pre-Pandemic Figures

Despite these encouraging developments, the auto industry is yet to match its pre-pandemic performance in terms of new car registrations. Brian Cooke, the Director General of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry, while acknowledging this improvement, emphasized the importance of sustained efforts. The goal is to not only maintain this upward trajectory but also to surpass the record new car registration figures before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 2024 kicked off positively for Clare’s auto industry with a 15% rise in new car registrations
  • The shift towards greener alternatives is reflected in the record 4,109 new electric vehicle registrations in January
  • Hybrid-electric cars have outpaced diesel vehicles in terms of market share for the first time
  • While the industry is making progress, sustained efforts are necessary to achieve and surpass pre-pandemic levels
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