Australian Surfer Perishes in Strong Currents at Indonesia’s G-Land

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Australian Surfer’s Unfortunate Demise in an Indonesian Waters – Impacted by Torrential Currents

The Unforeseen Tragedy at G-Land

The renowned surfing locale, famously known as G-Land, off Grajagan Beach, East Java, in Indonesia, witnessed a tragic incident. The highlight of the unfortunate event was Gunther Henry Kitzler, an Australian surfer. The rough, unpredictable currents of this treacherous spot claimed this 56-year-old enthusiast’s life, according to our sources.

Kitzler, accompanied by his companions including a New Zealander and another peer from Australia, faced this mishap while they indulged in their surfing expedition. It was a chilling Monday morning when Kitzler decided to take the plunge, just about ten minutes ahead of his friends.

The Wave that Swept Kitzler

The undercurrents that are notoriously famous at G-Land swiftly overpowered Kitzler, putting him in a struggling situation. His companions acknowledged the severity of his predicament upon stumbling upon his floating surfboard with his feet attached, nearby. Sadly, their efforts to save their dear friend were voided by a fierce wave, breaking the surfboard’s leash and taking Kitzler along.

Kitzler’s Recovery

The relentless efforts by the Surabaya Search and Rescue Agency, yielded results when they located Kitzler’s lifeless body just before Tuesday’s high noon, as per AEDT. This tragic development happened to be over 24 hours after the disastrous incident, our sources reported. However, Kitzler’s valiant struggle against the impetuous currents of G-Land will serve as a wise caution for fellow surfers.


  • Gunther Henry Kitzler, an Australian surfer, tragically lost his life to the ruthless currents of G-Land, the famous surfing destination off Grajagan Beach, East Java, Indonesia.
  • The incident was a shock to his friends and the entire surfing community, who could only watch helplessly as their comrade struggled and was eventually swept away by the treacherous waves.
  • The Surabaya Search and Rescue Agency went into overtime and, following a gruelling 24-hour search, located Kitzler’s body.
  • As we mourn the untimely demise of an avid surfer, we hope this unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the relentless force of nature and the need for utmost caution while partaking in adventurous activities.

    Elijah Muhammad