EU and Georgia Strengthen Ties: Ambassadors Meredith and Dvali Find Common Ground in Wellington

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Ambassadors of EU and Georgia Meet in New Zealand

According to sources from The Reader Wall news, the European Union (EU) Ambassador to New Zealand, Lawrence Meredith, recently welcomed Beka Dvali, the Georgian Ambassador to Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific, marking Dvali’s inaugural official visit to New Zealand.

The Meeting

The diplomatic meeting took place in Wellington, where the two ambassadors shed light on shared ideals spanning Europe and the Pacific nations. The key discussion point was their mutual commitment to aiding Georgia in its pursuit of integration with Europe.

Georgia’s Gratitude

Dvali expressed his deep gratitude for the support Georgia has been receiving from its European partners in their bid to align with the EU. He also pointed out that the encounter with Ambassador Meredith was of vital importance, considering it as an ‘absolute honour’.

Significance of the Meeting

This diplomatic interaction highlights the ongoing international efforts and cooperation for bringing Georgia closer to European standards and institutions. Indeed, the meeting signifies another step towards Georgia’s increased alignment with European integration.

Shared Values

  • During the meeting, both ambassadors reiterated the importance of shared values that span Europe and the Pacific.
  • They committed to supporting Georgia on its path towards European integration, demonstrating the strength of the bond between these nations.
  • The ambassadors also discussed collaborative efforts and partnerships in various sectors, further emphasizing their commitment towards unity and integration.

In summary, the meeting between Ambassadors Lawrence Meredith and Beka Dvali, as confirmed by our sources at The Reader Wall news, represents a significant milestone in Georgia’s journey towards European integration. This diplomatic encounter brings renewed hope and commitment towards the unification of values that connect Europe and the Pacific nations.

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