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Recreating the Dream Store: Monument Mercantile

In a bustling corner of Downtown Monument resides a space filled with craftsmanship and creativity, the Monument Mercantile. Based at 183 Washington Street, this venue is far more than a simple retail store. Instead, it represents a living tribute to Mauri Love, the late mother of shop owner Brody Love, who always aspired to establish a store like this.

The Craftsman’s Sanctuary

Monument Mercantile is an enchanting mixture of Colorado-inspired artefacts, rustic lodge aesthetics, farmhouse designs, and vintage treasures. However, the uniqueness of this store extends beyond these. The shop showcases exclusive artisan-crafted goods including wooden crafts and hand-produced soaps. Its ever-evolving stock endows it with a sense of novelty and unpredictability, quickly ingratiating the shop with local residents.

The Dual-Benefit Consignment Approach

What sets Monument Mercantile apart is its singular consignment model. Local craftsmen get the opportunity to display and sell their exclusive creations, thereby getting a physical space for their artistic pieces. This arrangement is beneficial for both the artisans and the store, helping the former gain visibility for their work and the latter to constantly offer fresh and interesting items to its customers. This keeps the customer experience fresh and engaging every time they visit.

Brody Love’s Endeavour

Brody Love’s commitment to Monument Mercantile is palpable and truly inspiring. He quit his position at the prestigious Air Force Academy to devote his full attention to the store, mirroring his mother’s own enthusiasm for handicrafts. Despite the Love family’s deep ties to the Monument region, they have lived in various locations across the United States and even in Japan due to military commitments. However, Brody’s dedication to his community and this venture faithfully embody his mother’s vision.

The Legacy of Mauri Love

Monument Mercantile is not just an artisan goods store, but a tribute to Mauri Love, a woman who dreamt of a haven where craftsmen could share their work with a larger audience. This store, built on love, dreams, and dedication, carries forward that legacy and serves as an inspiration to all who dream big.

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