Arrest in Athens: Two Turkish Nationals Caught with Handgun Amid Car Arson Probes

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Two Turkish Nationals Detained in Athens after Firearm Discovery

A recent report from our sources has confirmed that officials in Athens have detained two individuals of Kurdish descent possessing Turkish citizenship. The apprehension happened subsequent to the unearthing of a firearm in their transport vehicle.

Incident Context

The operative event transpired within the vicinity of the Exarcheia district on 3rd Septemvriou Street. The apprehension was a byproduct of a police chase, following which both culprits were escorted for an intensive investigation to the GADA Police Headquarters.

No Direct Link to Recent Vehicle Fires

Notably, in spite of the timing of this capture aligning with the ongoing examination into a series of car fires in that area, the enforcement officials at this stage have not associated the detained individuals to those occurrences.

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