Ardmore Spearheads £200m Chancery Lane Office Redevelopment, Elevating London’s Skyline

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Ardmore Construction: Pioneering Remarkable City Scape Developments in London

The leading construction company, Ardmore, has made substantial contributions to the architectural aesthetics of London. The burgeoning metropolis is speckled with several landmarks constructed by Ardmore, including homes, offices, hotels, schools, medical centres, and recreational areas such as parks and playgrounds.

Key Contributions

Ardmore’s devotion to providing exceptional structural solutions remains unrivalled. Their portfolio includes seminal projects such as the opulent Corinthia Hotel, the historic Churchill’s Old War Office, and the expansive Greenwich Peninsula. Their design aesthetic, coupled with their commitment to sustainable development, is emblematic of their approach to larger-scale phased regeneration projects.

Opportunities for Growth and Success

Keeping in pace with its significant forward stride in the construction industry, Ardmore is presently on the lookout for apt project surveyors for several newly secured projects dispersed across the capital. This recruitment initiative is a testament to the company’s growth and successful endeavors in the construction industry.

Revitalizing 5 Chancery Lane

One of Ardmore’s most prominent undertakings includes the £200 million retrofit redevelopment of 5 Chancery Lane. The project draws on Ardmore’s expertise in creating high-quality office spaces. The redevelopment scheme involves demolishing the existing top layer of the structure. Later, two more layers will be added to the top, the culmination of which will be a chic roof terrace with a cutting-edge laminated timber structure.

Diversity and Inclusion at Ardmore

In keeping with the spirit of progressive growth, Ardmore operates as an equal opportunity employer. The company renowns itself for its diverse workforce, displaying a rich harmony of varying cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Furthermore, the organization practices a commitment to inclusion in its hiring processes, ensuring an equitable environment for potential and existing staff alike.

  • Ardmore has played a transformative role in London’s cityscape.
  • The company’s portfolio includes celebrated projects like the Greenwich Peninsula and the Churchill’s Old War Office.
  • Ardmore is currently hiring project surveyors for multiple newly secured projects recognizing its continual growth.
  • The £200 million retrofit redevelopment of 5 Chancery Lane into a chic office space highlights Ardmore’s expertise in construction and redevelopment.
  • Ardmore upholds a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, embodying equal opportunity employment.
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