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Concerns Rise About Air India’s Aircraft Quality

Evidence Mounts: Dissatisfied Air India Passengers

Recent news from_ Reader Wall_ uncovers multiple instances of serious passenger complaints regarding Air India’s aircraft quality. One incident involved a passenger paying a hefty sum of 4.5 lakh for his Canada to Delhi journey. Issues mentioned include seat discomfort and a lack of amenities.

Further grievances originate from a Mumbai to Melbourne flight on Air India’s latest service. Countless issues extend across both the physical and service-oriented aspects of the airline’s offerings.

Social Media Awash with Complaints

The flurry of discontent continues on social media, focusing mainly on the economy class’s poor condition. Problems range from broken seats to cleanliness issues and service complaints. These complaints predominantly occur in the economy class, with fewer issues raised regarding the first-class cabin.

Air India’s Ambitious Plans Amidst Growing Dissatisfaction

This wave of discontent occurs even as Air India welcomed its first A350 in late 2023. This fleet expansion promises a better customer experience- the question is, when will the legacy fleet enjoy the much-deserved upgrade? What is preventing this progression?

Challenges in Improving Aircraft Quality

Upon acquiring Air India, the Tata group faced numerous neglected aircraft due to limited funds. As the company began investing, they gradually increased flight frequency and added new links, such as Mumbai to Melbourne.

However, the cabin interiors’ shortcomings persist due to inadequate maintenance and supply chain issues. While the Tata group has innovated ways to replace traditional parts with 3D printed materials, problems with in-flight entertainment (IFE) persist.

Investment in Fleet Revitalization

Air India plans to invest US $400 million to revamp the interiors of its 43 widebody aircraft. This comprehensive upgrade includes new cabin seating, a modern IFE system, and Wi-Fi connectivity, slated to commence in mid-2024. By 2025, the refurbishment is expected to be complete.

The Importance of Maintaining Cleanliness

Arguably the most relentless issue is the deterioration of cleanliness. This flaw is unacceptable if Air India aspires to align with world-class airlines’ standards. Occupancy in damaged seats should be avoided until deemed operative, however, this may risk certain routes’ efficacy.

The Role of Passengers in Maintaining Standards

A popular argument credits unclean cabins to unkempt passengers, while this may be partially true, the airlines need to establish efficient cleaning protocols, ensuring the plane’s cleanliness.

Fleet Refurbishment and Configuration

The B777-300ER will be refurbished, synchronizing with its heavy maintenance cycles. This aircraft operates primarily on North American routes. Currently, it features a 4-suite first-class, 35-seat business class, and 303 economy class seats. Air India unveiled a rendering of the upgraded design, showcasing the revamped passenger amenities’ layout.

Reconfiguration Highlights

The B777s will feature an eight-row, 40-seat premium economy. Remaining features include a four-seat first-class and a business-class cabin with doors. The business-class layout will shift from a 2-3-2 to 1-2-1 seat arrangement, allowing for more passenger privacy. As business-class capacity increases, along with the addition of premium economy, approximately 250-260 regular economy seats may remain. These adjustments, however, could result in seat width reduction from the current 18 inches to around 17.05 inches.

Value for Money: A Critical Question

Given the aforementioned plans, how much premium pricing can Air India demand, especially if the cleanliness issue remains unsettled? These developments prompt a need for more than just physical improvements; it calls for a complete revamp of Air India’s standards and customer service.

Report by aviation analyst Ameya Joshi, Reader Wall.

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