Anthony Anderson Injures On-Set, Lightens Situation Through Comedy

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Renowned Actor Anthony Anderson Endures On-Set Injury

In a recent turn of events, well-esteemed actor, Anthony Anderson suffered an unexpected injury on a movie set during a choreographed stunt. The 53-year-old actor, revered for his standout performance in the hit TV series ‘Black-ish’, shared his incident with his fans on Instagram. According to our sources, the actor had to be rushed to the hospital following the occurrence but thankfully escaped major injuries and fractures.

Details of the Unfortunate Incident

Upon landing in an emergency room, Anderson chose to lighten the situation by humorously sharing details of the incident on the social media platform, Instagram. The pictures shared included one of him on a hospital gurney and a seemingly harmless chair that was actually the cause of the accident. Furthermore, Anderson’s followers were offered a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the unpredictable and occasionally risky nature of on-set stunt work.

Heartfelt Wishes from the ‘Black-ish’ Family and Fans

The actor’s post received an outpouring of support in the form of comments not just from his fans but also co-stars from ‘Black-ish’. A noteworthy comment was from his co-star, Tracee Ellis Ross, in which she expressed her relief regarding Anderson’s well-being. This interaction shed light on the closely knitted relationship shared by the members of the ‘Black-ish’ family. Fans and colleagues from across the globe echoed the sentiments, wishing the actor a quick recovery.

Upcoming Project ‘G20’

When the unfortunate incident occurred, Anderson had been busy filming for the intriguing thriller movie, ‘G20’, starring alongside powerhouse actor Viola Davis and others. The film revolves around a high-stakes terrorist attack at a G20 Summit. Despite the minor hiccup, our sources indicate that the incident won’t cause significant disruptions to the movie’s production schedule.

In a previous conversation with the Backstage team, Anderson reflected on his acting journey, citing the crucial role of persistence, preparation, and having faith in oneself. His recent setback coupled with his unwavering positivity and optimistic recovery plan, clearly reinforces the wisdom of his earlier words.


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