Air India Express, Akasa Air might struggle as US pauses Boeing 737 Max production

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US Aviation Regulator Temporarily Ceases Boeing 737 Max Manufacturing

Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft manufacturing expansion has been put on hold by the US’s Federal Aviation Administration. This development could notably impact prominent airlines in India, such as Air India Express and Akasa Air.

Indian Airlines Affected by Boeing Production Halt

Various Indian airlines, which includes Air India Express, SpiceJet, and Akasa Air had already authorized purchases of the controversial Boeing 737 Max planes. Now these orders could experience significant delays, if not a complete halt, as defects in these planes’ manufacture have been discovered.

The safety and quality of Boeing products have been under meticulous examination following incidents where parts of the plane malfunctioned during a flight with Alaska Airlines. This near-catastrophe led to extensive assessments and a comprehensive probe into the construction of the aircrafts.

Boeing 737 Max passenger planes have been previously flagged for minor technical glitches and manufacturing defects, as reported by the probe. More than 340 lives were tragically lost in two separate Boeing 737 Max crashes in 2018 and 2019. On account of these incidents, the aircrafts were temporarily removed from circulation.

US Aviation Regulator’s Statement

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States stated, “We will hold off on approving any request from Boeing for an expansion in production or any additional production lines for the 737 MAX until we are confident in the resolution of the quality control issues that have surfaced during this process.”. This information comes directly from the Reader Wall news source.

Prior to the FAA’s announcement of the production halt, Indian airlines had placed substantial orders for the Boeing aircraft. Air India Express, SpiceJet, and Akasa Air are among airlines that anticipate the delivery of hundreds of Boeing 737 Max passenger planes.

Air India Express had previously committed to a $70 million deal for the delivery of 181 737 Max aircraft in 2023. Akasa Air and SpiceJet have also placed orders for 204 and 142 Max jets, respectively. Due to this halt in production, these orders might be severely delayed, possibly thwarting these airlines’ plans for expansion.

The Stance of India’s DGCA

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India recently carried out an inspection of all the Boeing 737 Max aircrafts in operation. They highlighted several safety issues and expressed serious concerns pertaining to the aircraft. Considering the FAA’s recent decision, the consequences for Indian aircraft operators could be substantial and unpredictible, especially given the considerable safety concerns associated with these planes.

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